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As you can tell…I am not a Romney supporter.  I am doing blogs like this on him so people who don’t do their home work on the 2012 Canidates.

Mitt flip flops on alot of issue……..What role he takes comes down to what the audience whats to hear.

He doesn’t lie………just white lies.  My question is : What is the difference???     On the CNN debate a few weeks ago was furrious with Newt Gingrich for Newt said  he was anti-immigrant.  Romney demanded an apology from Newt , stating that his father was from Mexico and his wife’s father was from Whales. If,  I am not mistaken… I would assume that his father, George Romney, was an immigrant.  Wrong !!!!!!!!!  His father was born in Mexico but was born to Legal American Parents. Holding dual citizenship is not being an immigrant.  Sorry Mitt for exposing this.

Also on this debate Newt asked him about one of his negitives TV ads against him and Romney said it, he didn’t think that was his ad.  There was a commerical break and when they came back on….Wolfe Blitzer…told Romney durning the break they checked on that ad and it is your ad…at the end of it….it states: I am Mitt Romney and I approve of this message.

And another reason I am not a supporter of him is….. Nothing seems to be his fault.  He responded to Wolfe with this about that ad…  I haven’t seen that ad. My question is : How come, seeing he is such a good busimess man,  if he hadn’t seen the ad……….how come he approved it???   To me,  that sounds alittle familiar…. Obama Care…..you’ll have to pass it to find out what is in it !!!

On the CNN debate Newt accused Romney of having stocks in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Romney said,  I didn’t know that…….my money is in a Blind Trust Fund.  Again,  a real smart business man here………and dont know where or to whom his money is being paid to ???  Obama don’t know why we , Taxpayers are out of $535 million after Solyndra collapsed.  If Mitt is this reckless with his own money…what makes him any better than Obama???

Mitt Romney has Progressive Views (socialist).  Obama has Progressive Views.  Why are they so much alike???  Nothing is Mitt’s fault,  he didn’ tknow that or someone else did it.  Just like Obama,  everything is George Bush’s fault.  Try that one Mitt and maybe someone will start believing you.

He is arrogant,  has a sarcastic tone in his voice when his feathers gets ruffled, and he has a snotty grin …….Like his SHIT DON’T STINK.  And I get the same impressions from President Obama.  So to wrap things up……… It is my opinion that Mitt Romney is a “WHITE” Obama.  Do we really want to place one for the other???

Below are two videos:  One is Obama signing Obama Care into Law and the other one is Romney signing Romney Care into Law.  See any diffeerence in the smirks, arrogrant manner, or sarcastic tones in their voices???  You compare.

http://youtu.be/q-F98GJycfA     http://youtu.be/5vOooRCSHx0



I have mixed feelings about this and thousands of questions.  Below are some of my questions and if anyone can give me their opinions on it to help me understand it.

# 1)  Which house of Congress ( Senate or House of Representatives) is everyone so upset with and why ???

# 2)  Does anyone believe that President Obama had a hand in dividing the Congress ???

# 3)  Who do you Blame for the poor approval rating ???

Here are some of my thoughts on it :::

We did some House cleaning in November 2012… got read of alot of Representatives (mostly democrats).  So,  why are we upset with them ???  I feel the Speaker of the House has turned out to be somewhat of a “Whimp”.  Giving in to certain issues rather than shutting the government down.  Personal …shut it down !!!  That would force both Houses of Congress to work together.

We need to clean house in the Senate this November as well.  Reid needs to go, along with Pelosi.  I do believe that Obama did and does have a heavy hand on the division of Congress.  The democrats in the Senate refuse to bring laws  to the floor there that the House of Representives pass or kill it in vote.  So this gridlock threatens government shut downs.  Then everyone blames the House of Representives should there be a shut down.  Damn if you do………..damn if you don’t !!!

Obama being the Commander and Chief……..  should be more of a leader and just tell both Senate and Representives…cut in pay for all if you can’ t get together and work together.  He should have never allowed Locked Door Meetings in the middle of the night by one party.  But,  Reid and Pelosi …are his puppets…doing exactly what Obama wants.

So, in November 2012 we need to clean house again in the Senate.  We need to vote Obama out.  We need to do our homework and put every canidate under the microscope and disect them to see what their values are, the view (if Progressive…we don’t want or need them),  what their agenda is,  moral views are,  what they are willing to cut,  what their views are on all important issues (immigration, economy, foreign policies, buget, deficit, ect).   And the Speaker of the House needs to step down or voted out.

I blame all of us…including myself for part of the problems here.  We don’t take the time to get to really know what the canidate stands for or is before we vote them into office.  This needs to change before we start seeing a change in our elected officals and our government.  Like Rick Perry…turned me off completely with the remark in the first debate.  When he said,  that I didn’t have a heart if I didn’t agree with him on funding college to illegal immigrants.  Romney, there was alot there I didn’t like.  His flip flops on issues.  His progressive views (like Romney Care). He lied in the CNN debate  a few weeks ago. He stated,  he wasn’t anti-immigrant for his father was from Mexico and his wife’s father was from Whales.  His father was born in Mexico…an immigrant???  Hell No !!! His father held dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States for his parents were legal American parents.  Newt turned me off when he blasted Romney having stocks in Freddy Mac.  Romney…then exposed Newt for the same thing he accuse Romney for.  I guess Newt isn’t all that honest with us either.  I don’t like Ron Paul’s idea on foreign policies or on our military.  So, I am leaning towards Santorum.  Granted he took alot of earmarks while his time in the Senate.  Which I don’t like at all !!! But,  he isn’t the only one that has done that.  He is only one of many many others.

So you are so welcome to leave comments,  your opinions, and your ideas.