I  am a 60 year old that was brought up to believe that gay life styles are perversed.  I grow up in a time when no one would admit openly to being gay.

I am not racist or a biggot.  I have been trying to understand this all my life. Why one who may be different has to hide it ?  Finally they started coming out of the closet one at a time.  And my hat goes off to whom ever started it.  They are human being and have feeling just like anyone who is “straight”.

But, I do believe the push for same sex marriages are wrong.  It is a moral issue with me.  I believe marriage is between woman and man.

But,  I do feel they can have the same feelings of love for each other as man and woman does.  I can understand why they feel marriage is right for them.  But, we all need to look at this seriously. Would God,  accept it ?   I personally don’t believe so.  If he intend to accept it he would have made two woman or two men. Unfortunately,  He made a man and a woman.

I know they want the same rights as married people get. I have a problem with some of those wants but on the other hand,  I see no harm in some.  Like medical decisions for the other.  Maybe sharing a name,  sharing finances, taxes, ect.

This is to the gays:  Why do you need marriage other than what I listed above ?  Please someone…answer this for me.  I am not looking to argue…just trying my hardest to see the reason behind your push for same sex marriage.  For you can get all of the above without marriage.  Get a legal court ordered Power of Attorney Order. That will take care of the medical part for both of you.  One can legally change on name thru the Courts.  You can put anyone’s name on your bank account,  lease,  auto loans,  morages, ect. Can claim one as a dependent on your taxes (I think) if the other one don’t work.

This is to the straights:  Can you see anything wrong in what I have opposed within this article ?


3 thoughts on “GAYS VS STRAIGHTS: ARTICLE #1

  1. God is what man programmed us to believe in friend… In my personal opinion (Without tearing pages out of the bible to suit my vices) There are far too many inconsistencies. I applaud you taking a step forward toward to being more open minded! Please, pay no attention to the gay folks that shove their lives down people’s throats and are always crying victim… Some are a victim, some are just whiners that cry at every little imagined prejudice. A balance has to be found.. In my spiritual view? Judge not, let God sort that out! He made no man a martyr nor a judge, at least in our times.(Hugs) 🙂

  2. The primary reason that gays want to legalize gay marriage is as a sign that society accepts their lifestyle as ok or normal. It is a “stamp of approval” that their relations are not the perverse and immoral relations that previous generations viewed them to be.

    In my view the gay lifestyle is simply not optimal. God, or nature – depending on your view – created beings that are complementary to each other. The optimal lifestyle is trying to establish a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. I don’t personally want to go back to a society where gays were openly oppressed, but I also don’t think society has to approve of it either.

    Gays in America have civil rights and protection from oppression. That should be enough. They simply don’t have the right to force me to approve of their lifestyle. At least for male homosexuals that has largely been a lifestyle of serial, and often anonymous, sex with all comers.

    If you read about the 1960s lifestyle of gays in San Francisco, before AIDs, it was exactly that, a nightly search for anonymous sex. I remember reading a book by a doctor in San Francisco during that time about how every night almost they had male homosexuals coming into the emergency room with either something stuck in the wrong place they couldn’t remove, or physical issues from ridiculous forms of self abuse, torn tissues, and sometimes life threatening issues – from just bizarre sex practices.

    A couple years ago a male homosexual died trying to have sex with a horse.

    My God, and these people want to be viewed as normal?

  3. It is my opinion that same sex marriages aren’t normal either. They have the civil rights to protect them from oppression, you are right there. I am right that they can have all what heter-sex couples have except for marriage. I know what us “straights” think of it. I guess I see it more as a fight to stir things up rather than looking for comprising. And I would like to know why no one on any issues will compromise today? “IT’S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY, ATTITUDES THAT STINK.” I just got into a lenghty discuss on the Rebel Flag Issue………whether or not It stands for Racism??? Again, even though it is a battle flag of Northern Virginia……The blacks see it as Racist ….no matter what. I ended up by telling one black…….from listening to you talk…I feel you are using the “N” card…and that is a form of Racism too. I heard no more.

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