I  personally believe that children from deceased parent or parents should be able to collect social security off their parent(s) account.  Which is allowed.  I have no problem with this.

But,  I do have a problem with children recieving Social Security or SSI when they have two parents capable of working full time to support them.  If the child has medical problems that are severe …then maybe a slight chance of them getting on social security.

My personal opinion on this is:  As parents, you brought that child or children into the world.  It is your responsiblity to provide and support that child(ren).  I personally know of a family that has five children.  Two children receiving social security each month.  I know one of the children receives $674.00 a month and that was before the cost of living increase that social security just got.  Believe me,  these two children on Social Security should not be recieving it at all.  They have a Mom, a Dad, and a Step-Dad,  who are all capable of working.  But Mom has only worked about 2 years, if that,  in the 16 years of having these children.  Dad,  doesn’t live in the house with them…but sends very little money.  And as far as I know…he works.  Step-dad, well he works part-time and has for about two or three years as I know of.  They collect help from State Welfare (food stamps..medicaid).  So, can anyone explain to me why this is right???

I am a 60 year old who raised eight children.  None of them received SSI.  Three of them did recieve Social Security from when their Dad died.  I did not accept the money from Social Security for me.  Over the years I did work some. Mostly after the children were grown and out of the house. I receive $495.00 a month from Social Security Disability.  I have Degenerative Disc Diease,  Spinal Stenosis, 9 herniated disc, and I can not work anymore to support myself. For god sake…there are days I have all I can do to walk.

I just have a real problem with this…kids get $674 a month with parents who can work and support them ….when I receive $495 can not work or support myself and did work and put money into the Social Security Program.

The Social Security Program does need to be looked into for “FRAUDULENT CLAIMS” and be overhauled.  This alone would save millions if not billions a year!!!!!

All comments and ideas that anyone has on this is welcomed.



  1. I absolutely agree with you! I, too, know someone who is receiving SSDI because they’re 22 yr old “child” is autistic. Asperger’s autistic. Very high functioning, fully capable of doing almost anything he wants to, and volunteers at local non-profits on a regular basis proving he is able to work. Ignoring that argument for a moment, this person is supported by millionaire parents who paid cash for their $700,000 home and can easily support him without the government’s (our) money. Even if he had a severe disability, they would still be able to afford his care, but their reasoning is, they’re “putting money away for his future care for when they pass away.” Unfortunately, the flaw is not in their thinking but in the system that allows it, but any time a politician mentions any kind of social program reform, it’s political suicide and the idea dies with their career. Until people realize their own responsibility in how our gov’t is shaped and run, things will never change…unfortunately.

    On a side note, I also have DDD and 2 herniated disks in my thoracic area and I can empathize with the days you can barely walk. My 9 yr old children have seen me crawl to the bathroom more times than they should and, on the really bad days, worse. I, however, do not collect SSDI (and have not pushed to collect it) because my husband currently has a good job and is able to support us without it. There may come a time when he can’t and even then, I don’t want someone else’s hard work paying for my lack of productivity or problems. That’s the want. The need to do it is more realistic and I realize I may have to depend on support from another eventually. My last resort will be going to the gov’t though.

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