I am so sick to my stomach about the murder of the two Powell boys by their Dad.  I have so many questions…

#1) Like what was anyone thinking allowing visitations with this guy???

#2) Like why supervised visitations at his house???

#3) What was the 911 operator thinking …when the 911 call came in….can’t send a sheriff  out for sometime unless there was a life-threatening incident???

Kids are removed immediately from homes when someone has made allegations of sexual abuse , neglect, or child abuse.  The States and Courts remove them on a alleged complaint.  A parent doesn’t have any rights at all….until the allegations are dealt with.  If found to be unwarrented…the kids are returned to the home. But, days..weeks..months could go by until this happens.  The Authoritiy tell the parents …we need to proctect these children wheter the allegations are true or false.

Parents are brought up on charges if the allegations are found or suspected to be true.  For abuse…neglect…and not protectiing their children.  So,  why can’t we hold the State, Courts, and Judges accountable in such cases like this ???  This isn’t the first case that someone dropped the ball and kids were murdered.

So Michelle Obama…  stop telling me what I should feed my kids and take up a cause like this that would protect children from the States,  Courts, and Judges.

Congress pass laws to hold the Authorities accountable for their actions in cases such as this instead of telling me how to run my life.

As for that 911 Operator……… his ass now !!!

I just hope all the authority figures who had their fingers and ideas in this case can sleep at night.  And if you can,  I hope to hell these two little boys haunts you until the day you pass away.



  1. I agree completely. What’s with the questions about who, what, where and when the cps worker supervised and the color of her car, what josh was wearing. The 911 operator has absolutely no common sense and certainly an inability for critical thinking. He thought he was a big bad boy by denying the urgency of the situation.

    I’ll second that his ass should be fired now and maybe he could be charged with negligence!

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