It is my opinion that he isn’t.  He stated in the CNN’S Debate on Friday night,  he stated,  “He wasn’t anti-immigrat,  for his father was a immigrant from Mexico and his father-in-law was from Whales.”   (Does anyone remember this exchange with Newt ??? )

Low and behold,  is this the truth ????  NO,  it isn’t the truth.  His father, George Romney was born in Mexico (that much of it was the truth)…an immigrant ( this was the lie),  his father was born to legal US citizen parents ( both grandfather and grandmother was born in Utah).  His father held dual citizenship.  Boy,  Mitt did you stretch the truth to fit your need.

After the last three years under Obama and his “progressive views”,  I read this and boy am I considering on voting for anyone but Mitt.   Progessives and their views are “socialist”.  This I don’t like at all…….and don’t want it for our country.  In Mitt’s Wiki,  it states:  His  2002 gubernational campaign Mitt ran as a political outsider, again saying,  “he was not a partisian Repubilican”,  but rather a “moderate” with “progressive views.”  And this makes alot of sense if you remember or look at just how much the Masschusette Health Care is familiar to Obama Care.  Is this why,  Obama talked to him while Obama Care was being born???   Is this why George Soro’s doesn’t mind Mitt getting Nominated by the RNC ????  Makes no difference who is in the White House…as long as they have Progessive Views ???

And his statement about….he isn’t concerned about the poor people of this Country.  Of course he isn’t……we don’t have any money to take from….just the “RICH”.  But,  yet … he is running to be President of the United States…and all of it people (not just a portion of them).  Mitt…….YOU HAVE LOST MY VOTE AND MANY OF MY FRIENDS AND RELATIVES AS WELL.

Now I will start looking at Newt and Rick Santorum.  Hopefully ……..maybe you too…after reading this and checking for yourself.

And one other thing bothers me………his Mormon Religion.  He has switched his positions so many times to fit the crowd he is dealing with at the time ( abortions, immigration, health care, same sex marriages).  His grandparents were polygamous….  What is his stance on that ??????   I sure would like to know !!!!!!!!!!!


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