He started the speech off tonight BLAMING …BUSH !!!!    Two wars that weren’t paid for,  a senior prescription plan that wasn’t paid for,  and tax cuts.   Nothing about what he has run up in debt.  Like “Cash for Clunkers”,  the two “Stimulus Bills”,  paying salaries for how many more “Czars”,  and how about “Obama Care”????   Sounds like he is blaming the wrong one….talking out both sides of his mouth…”Which he is good at !!!

I would rather see the Republicans and the Speaker stand their ground.  We need cuts within all government programs,  we need to get the spending down in Washington,  we need to start getting the deficit down,  and we need the Balance Budget Amendment.

Our politicians in Washington are no more than a barrel of Monkey’s.   They are good for a laugh.  Like this “Gang of Six”,   I have known for quite sometime that this bunch of politicians in Washington is Chicago Politic’s.  And now…they are openingly admitting it !!!

Speaker….this one is for you.   Obama wants to raise the debt limit………tell him it is either the “Cap, Cut, and Balance Bill” or  “Recind the Obama Care”.



  1. Budget cuts are fair. But we also need to raise taxes. Cuts alone won’t be enough to get us out of this hole. Make the rich pay their fair share and shoulder their fair burden and then I’m fine with the bill.

  2. Obviously the President’s explanation of the situation, which must be understood before prescribing a solution, fell on deaf ears. I wish that you would look at the chart in the NY Times, so you could have answered those questions, like what about cash for klunkers, and etc. I guess you are more of a mood writer than substance.

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